My Moon Ritual for Two


Ritual Box for Two


Want a friend to join you for a Moon Ritual? This box conatins the same rituals as our regular box but for two people to hold their own New and Full Moon ritual.  Every month these boxes change to give new and exciting ways to celebrate the New and Full Moon. As always they are built around the astrology of the month to give you a targeted experience that aligns with the Cosmos.


Inside each box you will find: 1 Fire Element Ritual for two, 1 Earth Element Ritual for two, 1 Water Element Ritual for two, 1 Air Element Ritual for two, 1 Spiritual Healing Ritual for two, two Meditation Guides, and detail instrucitons on how to perform your ritual. Monthly subscribers will also receive the added bonus of a gemstone/crystal gift each month, free access to astrology content, 20% off astrological services and exclusive access to the member forum.


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